Temporary CCTV Privacy Laws

Think CCTVs; the first thing that crosses our mind is being filmed, without consent of course. CCTV takes care of recording you while you are busy going on with your business unaware. As much as their main aim is to help curb crimes, the recording is not customized for the law breaker. It takes record of every single activity along its area of coverage, including those usual flirts with the opposite gender! Even a law abiding citizen will be recorded.

CCTVs make you feel something like, damn! Someone has been snooping on me? This is so especially if your neighbours have those elongated surveillance cameras.

So, do we really need CCTVs? Would our lives be affected in anyway if we got rid of these systems? Must there be a surveillance camera for the Irish workers?  I will leave that judgment for you to pass after I explore some of the uses of these devices. After am done, you might consider consulting VPS Site Security and place your order.

Importance of CCTV Surveillance

The main objective of CCTV systems is to reduce crime and disorder while provide a more conducive environment for the law abiding citizen. It makes the environment safer for a given area’s residents and any visitors in the area.

This Generation of Television Helps the Police in Combating Crime

From the records, they can identify, apprehend and even prosecute law defaulters. They store tangible pieces of evidence that can be produced at the court proceedings. This serves as true proof that the accused are indeed guilty as charged. 

Provides Security Reassurance to the Public

The more people know that they are being recorded; the less likely they are to behave badly. Knowing this creates some sort of reassurance to the public, that nothing bad will be done to them in public and if for some reason, it does happen then the perpetrators will certainly be brought to book!

Deter General Irresponsibility and Bad Behavior

Think of littering, dropping your waste anywhere degrades the environment. This habit is however a great temptation but knowing that there just is an eye inclined somewhere recording your every act, you just have to behave. It also helps reduce issues of people misbehaving around peoples estates that have domestic CCTV in place. 

CCTVs Help in Monitoring Traffic and the Road Network

 This helps reduce and control obstruction as well as enabling quick response in case there is an emergency situation on the roads.

Those are just among the many very important roles of an established CCTV system. There is also temporary cctv which is set up in a specific site to monitor for a limited period of time.

CCTV Privacy Laws

We all love filming. I mean we do it all the time. That occasion you held last with your buddies, I bet 90% of the attendants had a means of video recording, be it the digital camera, the i-phone, that flashy i-pad, somehow the video was recorded. Most definitely this clip was later flowing via different social media platforms. Granted yes, we love photos and clips, what we don’t swallow down easily is when the authorities do it. There have been a set of temporary CCTV privacy conditions which are aimed at ensuring that your privacy is respected or at least kept as exactly that; privacy.

The Privacy laws Include

CCTV systems shall only be operated by authorized personnel. These personnel shall be vetted by appropriate bodies. This reduces the instances of every dick and harry having clips of you within their reach as they please. 

 Limited Access  

CCTV control rooms should only be accessed by authorized persons. These are those that meet the set requirements. When professionals are at work, only the vital information will be released and to the appropriate bodies for appropriate action.

Satellite Security

There are viewing procedures laid in place at the satellite facility. They provide for viewing and reviewing but downloading of any information is strictly done at the control room. This helps eliminate cases of leaking privacy for self-centered interests and ensures data protection.


Areas under surveillance will normally have a conspicuous warning. Some will for example read something like ‘these premises are under 24 hours CCTV surveillance’. This raises your conscience. No way will you go about behaving crudely knowing that there is some filming in progress. You will not find yourself in a situation where you did something embarrassing at the full glare of this magical eye.

Domestic Surveillance

Neighbors who have surveillance cameras in their properties are required to keep them as controlled as possible. No one wants to feel like their privacy is being intruded.

Some will think of CCTV as a necessary evil. Some will think of them as a means of interfering with their liberty. Of course this depends on how many times you find yourself at the wrong side of the law because with big brother, you will certainly be caught. Critics have argued that huge crimes have committed in broad daylight despite the existence of this gadgets. This could be true but hey, a good number of offenders have also been brought to book thanks to these systems!

Fact: we all love memories. We keep them safely for constant reminders. We are certainly having fun with these technological advancements. Let the authority have their fair share too! I mean if this makes their work easier, so be it. Whatever you do, just carry yourself appropriately, Big Brother could be watching.



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