Events and Festivals in UK

Visit the UK for your next vacation

When you are thinking about going for a vacation, the UK can be great place to consider. Aside from the vast amount of historical attractions and such, it is home to a number of events and festivals that are sure to spice up your holidays.

The sheer number of festivals available in the UK especially those in the 2018 calendar is quite vast. You therefore need to take a few things into consideration when planning out your trip in the UK.

What to keep in mind when planning for these events

In order to fully enjoy your trip, you have to properly plan and map out your stops in the UK ahead of time so that you have a clear schedule of when and where to expect them. Here is a brief highlight of the points to keep in mind:

1.    The Location

The UK is undoubtedly a vast region. So first and foremost, when you look up an event or festival, make sure you have its proper location before you set out. You definitely do not want to end up going to the wrong place or getting lost.

2.    The Time

Some events happen more than once a year and some happen on specific dates or seasons of the year. So with this in mind, always take proper note of the event’s scheduled date and time so as to avoid any sort of inconveniences.

3.    Costs

Some events and festivals charge an admission fee while others are free to enter. Within these events however, you will undoubtedly need to spend some money either way. You therefore need to look up some of the costs involved like for food and drinks as well as accommodation if it is an event that goes on for more than a day or two.

Some of the Events and Festivals to look forward to

Like stated earlier, there are a lot of festivals and events held in the UK. Here we will take a look of some of the UK events available all year round. We hope that this will help you to book the event or festival that are more towards your interests.

I.    Food and Drink Festival

There are many festivals under this category but here we will highlight two of the best. The first one is the Bon appetit which happens at Hertfordshire and the second one is the Derbyshire food and drink fair.

For the food enthusiasts, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these events. With appearances from celebrity chefs as well as locally renowned chefs from the localities, go and sample some of the best food UK has to offer and enjoy it.

II.    Shopping at the Derby Roundhouse

This is easily one of the best shopping stops for anyone who visits the UK on holiday. It features a vast number of stalls that have on sale virtually everything you can think of; from food and drink, art, some high fashion accessories, clothing…the whole works. You can find everything you’d want there especially if it’s a souvenir for your UK trip or vacation.

III.    Literary Festivals

The UK is home to quite a number or renowned literaries and as such, the events list mentioned in this article would be incomplete without mentioning the literary festivals. A lot of literary festivals are available throughout the year in the UK and to highlight just a few are: the Hay no Wye literary festival that takes place in Wales and the Penzance literary festival that has its roots in England. They are a great way to satisfy the literature enthusiast.

IV.    Leicester’s Diwali

It has been touted to be the biggest Diwali celebration outside of India and with good reason. Leicester boasts one of the most diversely populated areas in the UK and as such the population includes a large number of people of Indian origin. The celebrations happen on a grand scale with a lot of the other communities taking part to make it a truly joyous and memorable occasion. Diwali takes place at a specific time in the calendar so make sure you time it well if you want to fully experience what Diwali is all about in the UK.

V.    The Pride Festival

This is one of the biggest events that happen in the UK. It takes place in Brighton and Hove and the attendance is always massive year after year. For those looking to party the day away surrounded by fun loving people this is the festival for you. It is also very inclusive of all people and even if you want to participate in its procession you can by throwing on a costume and becoming one of the highlights that grace the parade that goes along the streets when this festival is going on.


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